Fairs & Exhibitions

Fairs & Exhibitions

RUYA Logistic is in the process of send materials and goods to exhibitions, and this process starts with a trade show logistic plan, according to the client's necessities, what resources we need, the schedule of the trade show and official contractors involved.

We will look at if the client requires custom made packaging, support and consulting to packaging, picking at the client's warehouse, transport, clearance, stocking, and delivery at the stand.

We will also look at management and warehousing of empties and tools during the exhibition. After the show, picking the goods at the stand, and forwarding to another trade show or reverse logistics.

We have also prepared a sampling service to help you, closing your leads.

Why use an exhibition logistics company and not our transporter?

An exhibition logistic operator is someone who specialized in trade shows, the first difference is that we are able to deliver on your stand. You don't need to be present to know your goods are on the trade show. Regular couriers aren’t permitted on-site, so they’ll need to pin someone down to get a signature before leaving. A trade show logistic operator has the knowledge of how exhibition venues work. We care about your exhibit shipment and want to provide a hassle-free shipping experience for all your events.